Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Mystic River"

This is my first posting on my newly created blog. The painting to the right is a 16" x 20" oil on linen that I created last year and it sold shortly thereafter. The location is the Raritan River in a place called Natirar which is in Far Hills, NJ. However, I called the painting Mystic River because of the atmospheric quality and serene nature of the scene. It is also how I remember feeling when I painted it. I have painted this scene and others like it many times. Natirar is a treasure trove of painting scenes and I feel like a kid in a candy shop everytime I go there looking for a spot to set up my easel or take pictures. The gallery owner who carries my work calls me the "water lady". I kind of feel like this place belongs to me.... all 411 acres! Of course it doesn't... the estate actually belonged to the King of Morocco.  I'll be posting more paintings of Natirar as well as my painting process so please come back and visit my blog. Comments are welcome.


  1. What a beautiful painting. congratulations. The lucky buyer should enjoy it for a lifetime. Happy blogging . Welcome to the blogoshere. LOL

  2. Lindo blog,Parabéns!(Nice blog Congratulations from Brazil!