Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's been a while!

I''ve been pretty neglectful about posting to my blog. Not months but years have passed since my last posting. Of course a lot has happened since. The major event in my life is a big move from New Jersey to Arizona. Since I'm in New Jersey at the moment, taking care of my best friend who had a motorcycle accident, I decided to inaugurate my return to blogging with my latest painting of a New Jersey scene:  A Fly Fisherman at Kenlockwood Gorge taking a cigarette break. It's called "Lighting Up" and is 18" x 24".   I've painted there many times and love the way the light streams down into the Gorge and makes everything glow. It is a peaceful place populated by Blue Herons, Fly Fishermen and the few artists who are lucky enough to know it exists. (its a well kept secret)! 

"Lighting Up"