Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Weekend with the Masters"

"Garden of the Gods"
I just came back from a long weekend playing in the "Garden of the Gods" or close to it. I was very fortunate to be able to attend an American Artists Magazine sponsored event "Weekend with the Masters". There I met, listened to, watched and was instructed by artists I thought I would be relegated to only read about. It was just a few months ago that I was sitting in front of my computer waiting for that magic hour when registration opened at 1 pm on April 1st. My impatient fingers typed the information needed to snatch one of those precious few spots with the "Master Teacher" that would change my life. Ok, ok I know its hyperbole but really.. only a few hundred of us lucky souls can say they shared a long weekend in Colorado Springs with many of America's greatest Artist/Teachers and hundreds of like-minded people who are passionate about art. For those few days it felt like one big happy family and I do believe I have made life long friends from this event. As for changing my life? well, only time will tell, but I do feel reenergized with a renewed sense of commitment to my art. Meeting these great artists made me feel fortunate to belong to such an interesting community of talented people. Look for a future issue of American Artist Magazine for a complete overview of this event and to find out who were the "Masters". I did meet at least one "Master" who felt burdened by the title, which is a lot to live up to, although I think he totally deserved it.

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